3 Issues Wrestling Can Cause

Even though we all love wrestling, there are some pitfalls of being a wrestler or any athlete for that matter that can happen later in life if you don’t take care of yourself, your body and your mind. As a general rule, listen to what your body is telling you and always talk with a doctor if you have any health concerns. Here are a few things that can happen to your health in return for wrestling or playing any sports for an extended period of time.

Achy Body

Wrestling is a brutal sport. The goal is to pin the other opponent and in doing that comes a lot of physical stress to the body. Even though wrestlers are in great shape, there bodies still take a toll and get beat up, just like anyone else that would partake in a physical sport. Over time, this can lead to other issues such as back pain, knees, joints as well as other body parts. We all know the older we get, the harder it is to recover and overcome a sore body so this is something you should be aware of if you plan on being a wrestler.

Effects of Supplements

To keep in great shape, most wrestlers exercise and follow strict diets much more than the regular folks do. This often involves taking supplements, vitamins and booster to help the body recover quicker and build strength and muscle. The downside is that these products can cause issues later in life like liver damage, hormone imbalances and fertility issues, and in return you might need to look into things such as FertilAid reviews and similar products and treatments to overcome and battle these issues.

Overall Health

Participating in any major sport for an extended period of time can cause overall health issues to your mind and body. The important thing to remember is to keep and be aware of what your body is telling you. Always consult with a doctor or specialist if you see any health related issues from playing sports such as wrestling, football or rugby. Often, they can be cured and are not serious but every now and then something serious can arise from playing sports so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Common sense goes a long way.

Tips That Every Wrestler Needs To Know To Get In Shape

Whether you are starting out as an amateur wrestler or have been in the business for long, getting in shape should be one of your main targets. Wrestling is an entertaining, but it also requires a lot of flexibility, stamina, and fitness. Without these items, you will find it very hard to reach your potential. Below are some crucial ideas and aspects of wellness and fitness that will keep you going throughout your wrestling career.


Although dietary needs for wrestler vary depending on age and gender, you must ensure that you eat lots of proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins promote recovery while also facilitating muscle growth. It is for this reason that proteins should make up about 30% of your diet. You will also need carbohydrates for energy during workouts.

Build Endurance

Endurance is important for every wrestler. It will enable you carry out intensive exercises for a longer time. Since wrestling is also very physical, your heart’s capacity needs to be at its best so that you can also perform well inside the ring. Consider running or intensive exercises such as cycling for about 40 minutes every day to help you build up this endurance.

Work on Your Strength

Other than endurance, you will also need your strength in the ring to overcome your opponents. There are very many moves that will take their toll on your energy levels, and that is why you should work on your strength. You will need to come up with a strength training program that will grow your muscles stronger. Many coaches advise for 11 repetitions of your chosen program after which you need to come up with another one. Common strength training exercises include bench and shoulder presses, triceps extensions, pull-ups, leg curls and upright rows.

Focus on Flexibility

When you watch wrestlers, it is very easy to see that their bodies are very flexible. As a beginning wrestler, you will need to start working on your flexibility as early as possible. You may have the strength and endurance needed in the ring but without flexibility, injuries will certainly follow you. Therefore, incorporate light but dynamic exercises into your routine together with stretches. You can try lateral jogging, arm circles, and lunges to help you work on your flexibility.


Exercises keep you fit, but they can also wear you down. Resting is crucial in ensuring that you remain focused and functional despite the heavy lifting and running. Furthermore, it is during this rest period that your muscles actually grow. This means that you must make sleeping eight hours daily a priority.

All professional wrestlers probably got into the business the same way you are doing, and it is the consistency with which you carry out your exercises that will take you places. As long as you stick to them and incorporate these simple guidelines in your training, you will have a bright future ahead as a professional wrestler.

How To Become A Wrestler

Many people are avid fans of watching pro wrestlers as they pit against each other for that prestigious title. While many people are only fans others are avid fans as well as aspiring pro wrestlers. The road to being a pro wrestler as well as a superstar is long and it’s filled with challenges.

As fans one may have collected every kind of poster featuring their favorite wrestler as well as purchasing Tshirts and subscribing to magazines. Becoming a pro wrestler goes beyond magazines, posters and Tshirts though.

Below is how to get started in professional wrestling.

Train early

In order to instill the discipline and tactics that will help you begin the road to being a pro wrestler, you need to start training when you are young. You can opt to join your wrestling team in school at a young age.

This will allow you to train yourself about the basics of wrestling an opponent. It is important to know that majority of wrestlers started to wrestle when they were young. Pro wrestlers train their sons and daughters early so that they can one day stand in an international ring and wrestle a superstar.


In order to wrestle your opponents and be able to defeat them, you need to have a good physique. Muscles and core strength play an important role in wrestling matches. This means that you need to start weight training among other exercises that will help set your body in the right physical shape.

Taking supplements while exercising is also a good idea to get a head up on your competition. There are a TON of male supplements on the market that can help increase testosterone so be sure to review these supplements and start taking them to help you out.

Eat healthy

In order to maintain your health as well as your wrestling physique, you need to consume healthy foods. Not only will the healthy foods add necessary vitamins, proteins and other nutrients in the body but they will help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Pro wrestlers and wrestling trainers’ advice young aspiring wrestlers to consume foods such as vegetables, fruits and protein as they form the building blocks of muscles among others. It is important to avoid foods that are rich in sugar and fat.

Join a professional wrestling school

As a beginner, joining a professional wrestling school in your area will enable you to train with experts as well get the necessary experience that will enable you to join entertainment companies like the WWE. You can simply find a professional wrestling school near you by researching on the internet or asking friends and gym trainers.

It is important to know that lifting weights only will not make you a great professional wrestler but being trained by experts will do.

5 Popular Wrestling Moves To Try

There’s really no sport that’s more physical or power-based than wrestling. Wrestling is all about combining core strength and stamina with skill and endurance, especially in just the right moments. If you really want to be the best, you have to know exactly how to perform a wide variety of moves on differently sized opponents, practicing and executing against those who aspire to be the best, just like you.

So which moves are the best? It really depends on your individual style, but here are some of our personal favorites:

If You’re Looking to Overpower Your Opponent, Try the Fireman Toss

It’s a great way to get leverage to start your match and blast through your opponents base and get right to their core. Typically we use our forward momentum to lock up their arm and get them in an arm bar, directly after a take-down to rack up valuable points.

PRO TIP: Mix it up on this move and don’t reach for your opponents thigh. Instead we save time and energy by grappling the opponent with both arms to use their momentum against them, as in a match you aren’t likely to be able to get that close to the opponent’s legs.

  1. Shoot under your opponent to gain a leverage advantage.
  2. Go chest to chest with your opponent.
  3. As you slide under their legs, using your downward motion to carry you behind and above them as they fall down in front of you, face up- in perfect position to be pinned.

Assert Control With a Leg Sweep Take-down

When you’ve swept your opponents leg out from under them, you can score an easy take down. Don’t rely on simple tactics however, take an extra step and ensure that your opponent isn’t going to get right back up. Remember you have 280 degrees to choose from when executing your attack.

PRO TIP: We assume any good wrestler is going to fight back. This move is executed as if your opponent is resisting a simple forward shoulder roll.

  1. Shoot down into your opponent’s knee, and grab it with your shoulder, sliding back to control their ankle.
  2. Assuming you’ve executed correctly, drive forward with shoulder momentum to push your opponent down to the ground, when they’ll likely use their hands to snap back up.
  3. Drive a kick into their back leg, forcing them backwards to fall flat on their back. Make sure they fall on their back before you go for the pin.

An Extremely Popular and Basic Hold is the Half-Nelson

The half-nelson is one of the first moves that good wrestlers master. You’ve got the guy on the floor, you’re applying pressure, and you’ve got just the right positioning, with their wrist in your hand, it’s time to go for the pin.

PRO TIP: Make sure that you’re properly adjusting your grip as you apply this hold. Too much pressure takes away your ability to roll your opponent over.

  1. Push down on the top of your opponents head, focusing your pressure diagonally across the opponent to roll them over.
  2. Come under your opponent, pushing their head down, and their arm up across the arm that you’re rolling across.
  3. Use your arm as a lever to roll over their body into a pin.

Effectively Use the Sprawl to Boost Your Defense

Mastering your defense is the first step to winning. This is because keeping your opponent from scoring on their attempts gives you the power to deflect their attacks and work into your next attack.

PRO TIP: Use your opponents body like a rope to get a grip to get an advantage on their momentum.

  1. After your opponent takes a shot, catch them with your hips, throwing your legs and hips back pushing your chest to the mat.
  2. Force your opponents hands to the mat, applying pressure to your opponents head and elbows.
  3. Spin backwards out of their hold.

And End it With the Standing-Shot Cradle

The cradle has become one of the most popular and effective ways to pin your opponent and end the match, especially with a focus on a realistic situation- capturing a shot attempt with your hands, by your waist. Capture the chin, then extend and attack your opponent’s momentum in one fluid movement.

PRO TIP: Execute this powerful move with plenty of practice, using your opponent’s weight against them to punish them in the long run for a sure-fire pin..

  1. After capturing your opponent’s attempt, push one of their legs to offset their momentum, and throw your back down, to catch them off balance.
  2. Using the downward force, push them forward while grappling their offset ankle.
  3. Roll forward and go chest to chest with your opponent for the pin.

These deceptively simple power moves help you get the upper- hand when you need it most, overpowering your opponents and helping you establish points to win the match.

What’s your favorite wrestling move?


The Different Styles Of Wrestling

The art of wrestling is very old indeed. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most ancient sports in existence, as it can be dated all the way back to the Greek and Roman empires. These days, it is still practiced and taught all around the world, but it has evolved into a vast array of different styles and forms. There are now a range of wrestling styles to choose from, from Greco-Roman to sumo wrestling, submission sports, and more professional disciplines.

The one fundamental rule which ties all of these forms together is the strict no tolerance policy against punching and kicking. Whilst wrestling is very often a demonstration of physical power, it also takes a great degree of control and precision to be a skilled athlete in this field. The most common victories are won by applying a painful joint lock or choke hold, by forcing a rival outside the ring, or by holding a rival on the ground by their shoulders.

Sumo Wrestling

The art of sumo wrestling is native to Japan, where it is still the national sport. The objective is to actively force a rival outside of the wrestling circle or use a combination of moves and maneuvers to get them to touch the floor with any body part other than the feet.

It is very common for sumo wrestlers to be physically oversized. In fact, most traditional sumo athletes follow a strict diet of chankonabe – a calorie packed stew filled with fish, meat, rice, and vegetables. This keeps their protein levels up and allows them to pile on the mass needed to wrestle successfully.

Greco-Roman Wrestling

This type of wrestling is recognized as an official Olympic sport, and it takes place within a clearly defined circle of space. If you are a Greco-Roman wrestler, you are not permitted to use the legs as an attack zone, and must instead bring your rival down via force to the waist or upper torso.

To win a Greco-Roman wrestling match you must either come out victorious on points (after demonstrating the most technically accurate moves), or you must hold your opponent down by the shoulders for a predefined period of time. You can also push your rival outside the wrestling circle to win more points.

Submission Wrestling

The art of submission wrestling differs from the rest, because these bouts cannot be won by holding or pinning a rival to the floor or driving a rival outside of the wrestling circle. They are instead won by forcing a technical submission, usually in the form of a joint lock or choke hold.

For submission wrestlers, fights are there to be taken to the mat, and it is never long before opponents start to tangle using their limbs as binds on movement and counterattack. It can be a very exciting form of wrestling to watch, because the struggle for victory is close, intense, and extremely physical.

Professional Wrestling

These days, the word wrestling is most commonly associated with the star studded drama of the professional industry. Whilst it is now widely accepted that professional wrestling is highly choreographed and stylized (with even the victories decided in advance), millions of fans all over the world still love to cheer on their favorite personalities both ringside and at home.

With household names like Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Triple H, and Stone Cold Steve Austin all eventually moving into movie and television roles, it is clear to see that professional wrestling is the most flexible and glamorous form of all the contemporary wrestling styles.

The Wonderful History Of Wrestling

No one is quite sure where wrestling originated. What we do know, however, is that it’s been around for approximately 7,000 years. This is because of Sumerian cave drawings that were found in Mesopotamia that date back to that time. But, believe it or not, it was the Ancient Egyptians that refined the activity of a wrestling into a science. In fact, there are tombs located around the village of Beni Hasan, dating back to 2500 BC, that have hundreds of how-to drawings on wrestling.

Since then, the sport has evolved quite a bit and today there are a huge variety of wrestling styles that are found in different countries all over the world.

Important Moments in the History of Wrestling

Wrestling gained popularity in Ancient Greece, where it was used as a form of exercise and also as a means to train soldiers. In fact, along with grammar and mathematics, young boys in Greece were also formally educated in the sport and art of wrestling. Among the sport’s noted practitioners was Plato, who utilized both his brains and brawn to defeat his opponents.

The Ancient Greeks are the ones that began the wrestling that we know of today and they added it as one of the first competitive sports in the Olympics back in 708 BC. It was also the last event that participants engaged in because it was considered to be the ultimate challenge.

Back then, the sport resembled what is now known as freestyle wrestling; except the competitors were naked, coated in grappling, until one succeeded in defeating the opponent. Wrestling was also popular among the Greek gods. In fact, one story recounts how Zeus wrestled Cronus for the possession of the universe. Wrestling was also quite popular with the Ancient Romans, but the style that they practiced was less brutal than the Greeks.

During the Middle Ages, the sport gained so much popularity that even the royalty got their hands dirty. In fact, there’s a story where Henry VIII, a huge fan, challenged the King Francis I of France to a wrestling match in 1520. Not only did Henry get thrashed when Francis scored a takedown, but Francis also gained cross-channel bragging rights for years to come. In addition, when European settlers came to America, they found that the sport was already quite popular with the Native Americans.

Wrestling in the Modern Olympics

Freestyle wrestling increased in popularity throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, both as a competitive sport and as entertainment. But, when Pierre de Coubertin resurrected the Olympic Games in 1896, after a 1500 year hiatus, officials tried to connect to the past. In other words, they used the Greco-Roman wrestling as the preferred style. It wasn’t until the 1904 Olympic Games in St. Louis that the freestyle form of wrestling, which was a faster paced variation that allows holds below the waist, was introduced.

Wrestling in the Modern Day and into the Future

Nowadays, the most popular amateur wrestling styles are freestyle, Greco-Roman, judo, and sombo. In addition, wrestling has become the national sport of Iran, Turkey, and Mongolia. These countries, along with the US and Russia, produce the best wrestlers of modern times.

Along with modern day wrestling comes the desire to be the biggest and baddest guy in the ring so wrestlers are sometimes going to the extreme to increase there testosterone levels with health supplements like Pro Testosterone, Testosterone Booster Elite Series and other products to help get them up to par with their strength, stamina and power.

Television coverage and the internet has allowed wrestling to reach more individuals than every before. These mediums brings the pure and unique competitive elements of wrestling to athletes and spectators all around the world.

As the popularity of wrestling continues to grow, the techniques, rules, and athletes, are growing right along with it. The sport is changing rapidly to accommodate obstacles and assets, therefore you must truly be a student of the sport to stay on top of the constant changes.